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We have been practicing for 20 years reconstructions of houses . Reconstruction is much more complicated than new construction. Reconstruction is a symbiosis of engineering thought and skillful execution of works. Reconstruction of the house requires in-depth knowledge of structural mechanics, geology, resistance of materials, technology of work.
Often, non-professionals only aggravate the emergency condition of the house. "Engineering Workshop" performs: superstructure of floors, extensions to the house, redevelopment of the house, strengthening of foundations, strengthening and repair of walls. Reinforcement and repair of floors. Reconstruction and repair of roofs. Renovation allows you to give a second life to your home!
Reconstruction the house allows to restore the house not only visually, but also constructively, that is to provide reliability of designs of the house for decades. Reconstruction of the house is: restoration and strengthening of foundations, restoration and strengthening of walls, restoration and strengthening of floors and roofs.