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We have been practicing for 20 years apartment renovation and houses. Repairing an apartment or house at first glance seems simple task. For many years we cannot list how much we have processed someone else's poor quality work. Heating leaks in the floor with damage to all property, cracks in the walls, electrical fires - this is a short list the result of unprofessionalism in the field of repair.
BETON Engineering Workshop performs, and most importantly - is responsible for his work for years: installation of electricity, installation of heating and plumbing (installation of water supply, sewerage, ventilation, air conditioning), installation of GKL of systems, laying of a ceramic tile, plaster of walls, floor screeds, painting (spackling, fiberglass, painting). Installation of parquet, laminate, installation of doors and furniture. Lighting installation and electrical accessories. We definitely recommend mounting it separately hidden plinths. It's not just beautiful, but very convenient. In the latter design projects we mount a hidden plinth always.
We provide services of technical analysis of apartments before buying: quality construction, quality of communications and networks, quality of constructions, quality equipment: elevators, vent systems, etc. BETON engineer or engineer technical inspection leave to inspect the apartment before buying and draw up an act of review with conclusions. Call or write to record - we leave even half an hour before the inspection.