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Technical analysis of apartments and houses before buying

We are often approached for assistance in purchasing real estate parts of technical analysis of apartments, houses. And for good reason. Hundreds prospective buyers received invaluable information in what condition real estate.


Why analyze the condition of the apartment or house before buying? Often so analysis is even more valuable than legal - document verification. Cracks load-bearing elements of apartment buildings, non-functioning ventilation, damaged heating or lack of valuable items, for example, collectors or pressure regulators, condition of window constructions, cost which can reach several thousand dollars.

technical inspection

Foreman and construction or repair control service

Technical control guarantees: Quality control at all stages. CONTROL hidden works: waterproofing, reinforcement, sealing and many others. These are the works that cannot be checked after their execution quality, quantity, compliance with the project and the requirements of building codes. Conformity control of project documentation. Compliance control building codes.

Technical supervision guarantees savings of funds, materials and absence overspending What do you get? Save up to 20%, sometimes up to 50%

Peace of mind: you are confident in the quality of work and the absence of theft, write-off Materials Save time: you don't need to quit and rush go to check the work, for example, before concreting