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What are we building?

We have a clear specialization. We do not take on everything at once. We build, reconstruct exclusively houses, cottages. We perform repairs and decoration of apartments and houses.

What do we build from?

What materials and technologies do we use in construction? We use only: reinforced concrete, bricks, ceramic blocks and aerated concrete blocks.

We build: houses from gas blocks, houses from ceramic blocks, brick houses.

Foundations - reinforced concrete, a mixture of concrete and high-strength reinforcement. For 20 years in construction, we built on a variety of technologies solid cottage townships: frame of wood, frame of LSTK, yes called "thermal houses". And none of these technologies in our climate, where daily temperature fluctuations from minus temperature to plus - several times a day, we do not use. Tree place on roof, and metal - in concrete.

In each of these technologies the monolithic framework is appropriate. We specialize in concrete and are always able to create boundless space of the house or its concrete reliability. Want a monolithic reinforced concrete frame? Let's do it!

If you compare a wooden frame house and a classic one of ours construction technology, the cost is the same, and errors in frame construction, heat storage level and service life - comparable. Classic houses on our technology - out competition.

That is why we give a guarantee of 20 years!

Most frame houses will not live a quarter of this time.

Our team

"In love with concrete." We are called BETON Engineering Workshop. It is easy to guess that we adore concrete, and even more ferroconcrete. Each of us is not an office clerk, but a professional. In our team, which is 20 years old, there is no place for poachers and lazy people. We don't have a big office and unnecessary staff. We are a workshop and each of us is a master of a favorite craft.